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Unlock your Web3 Potential: Innovate, Collaborate, Succeed!

Welcome to Tygar Decentralized, where innovation roars! Join us for a cup of coffee at our office, and let's explore the possibilitiesof synergy for your project.

Transform Dreams into Reality with Tygars

Experts from a variety of industries will work on your project to ensure that your dream project comes to life.

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Elevate your socializing experience with our sleek and intuitive design.

Powering the world’s best product teams. From next-gen startups to established enterprises.

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Our Services

Consultations Unlock Your Web3 Potential - Gain expert insights and strategic guidance tailored to your project's needs for a successful journey into the decentralized world.
Strategizing Pave Your Path to Success - Collaborate with our seasoned strategists to devise innovative plans, seize opportunities, and outmanoeuvre competitors in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.
Design Transform Ideas into Captivating Experiences - From stunning UI/UX designs to mesmerizing NFTs, our creative team crafts immersive digital experiences that leave a lasting impression.
Development Build the Future of Web3 - From cutting-edge apps to smart contracts and dApps, our experienced developers bring your vision to life, leveraging the power of both web2 & web3 technologies.
Risk Assessment. Navigate Safely in the Decentralized universe - Mitigate risks with our thorough analysis and proactive strategies, ensuring a secure and resilient foundation for your Web3 venture.
Brainstorming Ignite Ideas, Unleash Innovation - Unleash the collective genius of our experts as we brainstorm and collaborate with you to refine concepts, explore possibilities, and spark groundbreaking solutions.

List and board

10,000 Anime PFP NFTs with Lore, Art & Smart Contract on Binance’s BEP20 Network!

Make it yours

Quickly apply filters and operators to refine your issue lists and create custom views.

High Definition 3D Art

We use Blender & Spline to create 3D assets, models & art.

Building Projects
for a Better Tomorrow

Shaping Teams, Products & Processes for the Future of Entrepreneurs

Equity Collaborate with us through equity partnerships instead of bearing all expenses in direct payments.
Token Leverage the potential of tokenization by exploring token-based collaboration models.
Retainer For ongoing support and advisory services, opt for our retainer model, ensuring a dedicated partnership for continuous growth.
Lump-sum One-time payments for businesses that need solutions in short bursts.
Scope creep. Understand which issues are added mid-cycle.
Be prepared. Schedule work in advance with upcoming cycles.

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